Would you like a career in lettings

As London 's largest lettings-only agency we are always growing and expanding, which creates career opportunities for both Negotiators and Administrators.


  1. Great working environment which is both lots of fun and very busy.
  2. Great earnings:
    ADMINISTRATOR: @ £24,000 pa
    NEGOTIATOR YEAR ONE: @ £30,000 pa + Company Car
    NEGOTIATOR YEAR TWO: @ £35,000 pa + Company Car
    SUPERVISOR: @ £40,000 pa + Company Car
    MANAGER: @ £60,000 pa + BMW COUPE
    FRANCHISEE: + £80,000 pa + QUALITY CAR
    Please note: earnings are a combination of salary, commission,bonuses and petrol allowance
  3. You don't need experience, you'll be fully trained. All that we ask for is lots of enthusiasm.
  4. Great career prospects with all promotion being internal.
  5. Have a 'Saturdays-Off' policy linked to performance and up to 30 days holiday per year.
  6. Throw great parties and an annual 'CLUB BLACK KATZ' where 90% of people enjoy a long weekend European City break.

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