Tenants Fees


a) Set up Fee of £125 inc V.A.T. per person to cover the preparation of all legal
documentation and tenancy negotiations. Please note the Set up Fee on Managed   properties is £150 inc V.A.T.

b) Reference Fee of £55 inc V.A.T. per person to cover the processing of collecting and
checking work, bank, guarantor and previous landlord referencing and collection of
monies and provision of move-in packs.

c) Credit Check Fee payable to external credit agency Maras  £25.00 inc V.A.T.
You will be notified prior to the Offer being submitted to the landlord if this applicable.

d) Administration Renewal fee of £150 inc V.A.T. per person to cover preparation of new
legal contracts (not applicable on periodic tenancies) and re-referencing Tenant(s)
where applicable.A discount of 50% will be applicable if the renewed Tenancy Agreement is signed within a 5 days of being issued

 e) Administration Change of Tenant fee of £180 inc V.A.T. per person for ingoing tenant.
 To cover referencing of new tenant(s), preparation of all necessary legal paperwork and
  liaising with all existing tenant(s).
  In addition there is a New Contract Fee of £150 inc V.A.T. per tenancy for the outgoing

f) Inventory fees between £126 inc V.A.T. to £300 inc V.A.T. This does not apply to all
  flats but it is highly recommended. Where applicable, the fee is split between
  Tenant(s) and Landlord. The Tenant(s) pays for either the ingoing or outgoing
  inventory and the Landlord pays for the other.
  A professional inventory is a document that provides a written record that details
  the fixtures and fittings of the property and their conditons as well as the condition of the
  property itself

Black Katz is part of the Nals Client Money Protection Scheme.

Please note that with certain landlords of Black Katz charge in addition their own specific fees and these are as follows:

Cooper Group Properties - an additional Administration Fee per property of £50.00 inc V.A.T

One Life Properties- an additional fee of Communal Area and Building Maintenance Fee per property of £100.00 inc V.A.T and Contract Fee per property of £20.00 inc V.A.T

Iguchi Properties – an additional Administration Fee per property of £16.80 inc V.A.T.

J Marc properties -  an additional fee for a Mediation Service Fee per property of £200.00 inc V.A.T which involves a face-to-face meeting with a Mediator to explain fully all the terms of the contract with the intention that the new tenants are respectful to all of  their neighbours.

Where an additional referencing fee for the MARAS Service is required the additional cost is from £19.20 inc V.A.T per person.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme Charges from £25 inc V.A.T per property




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